Highlander: The Series

HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES/SYN/1992-98 (Injured Legs)

Joe Dawson (Jim Byrnes), section head of a secret society known as “The Watchers” who monitor the movements of a race of immortals living on Earth. The Watchers “observe and record, but never interfere” with the Immortals.


Born in Illinois on September 22, 1955, Joe served in the Marines during the Vietnam War until he fell victim to a landmine which blew off both his legs. He was rescued by a fellow soldier (who was an Immortal) who subsequently died but then returned to life. Joe witnessed the resurrection and was later recruited by The Watchers.

Joe was the owner of a bookstore (Juniper Street Books) in Seacouver, WA and later a small bar in Paris (La Blues Bar). He plays electric guitar and has befriended Duncan MacLeod, a Immortal born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland.

To get around, Joe wears prosthetic limbs. He walks with the assistance of a cane.

See also: Wiseguy ; External Link: The Watchers @ TV Acres

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