HARRY-O/ABC/1974-76 (Injured Back)

Harry Orwell (David Janssen), a San Diego police officer forced to retire when he got shot in the back. The bullet lodged too close to his spine and thus ruled out surgery. Any sudden exertion and the bullet could shift position and cause paralysis or death.


However, Harry occasionally disregarded the danger of his condition and took on private investigation assignments to help those in need (and to supplement his disability pension). Because his car didn’t work, Harry always traveled by city bus. He later moved to Santa Monica.

Living at his beachfront home, Harry worked on rehabbing his dry-docked sail boat when not on a case. He called the boat the Answer because that is what “I’ll have as soon as I put it back together.”

When his boat was ready to sail, he wanted to go “out on the ocean where they have no telephones. Telephones bug me.”

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