CBS Channel News

CBS CHANNEL NEWS (Crippled Hands)

Anchor woman (Bree Walker), CBS News Anchor whose disabled hands were clearly visible during the broadcast. Her condition is called complete complicated syndactylism (bones and skin of hands and feet are fused together appearing like primitive claws).


Despite hard times, like the time she found out her high school boyfriend was calling her “Lobster Claws” behind her back, she struggled through it all and graduated from the University of Minnesota. To fool interviewers in a pursuit of a job in the media industry, she wore a prosthetic glove.

Bree’s intelligence and good looks helped overcome TVs obsession with “perfect” looks. In 1983-84, she had surgery to try to relieve the chronic pain in her feet.

Born in Austin, Minnesota, Ms. Walker, a beautiful blonde with a dazzling smile, jokingly called herself “The Firecracker Safety Poster Girl.”

In 1991, she anchored the news at KCBS in Los Angeles (later KNSD-TV in San Diego in 1998).

Her decision to have children (who could inherit her condition) caused controversy in the media at the time.

Bree was the youngest of four children of a service station manager and his wife.


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