The Fugitive

ABC/1963-67 (Missing Arm)

Fred Johnson (Bill Raisch), a one-armed itinerant worker who killed Helen Regan Kimble, the wife of pediatrician Richard Kimble living in Stafford, Indiana.


Dr. Kimble catches up with the One-Armed Man

When convicted of his wife’s murder, Dr. Kimble escaped the police on the way to the death house and began a four-year search for his wife’s killer.

“The Fugitive…a QM Production…starring David Janssen as Dr. Richard Kimble, an innocent victim of blind justice, falsely convicted for the murder of his wife, reprieved by fate when a train wreck freed him on route to the death house, freed him to hide in lonely desperation, to change his identity, to toil at many jobs, freed him to search for a one-armed man he saw leave the scene of the crime, freed him to run before the relentless pursuit of the police lieutenant obsessed with his capture… (Opening narration from TV Series)

On August 29, 1967, the one-armed man was cornered atop a tower of an amusement park and plunged to his death when he was shot by Lt. Gerard, a police officer who previously hadn’t believed Kimble’s story of a nameless one armed-man fleeing the scene of the original murder.

Note: Bill Raisch lost his right arm from a casualty sustained during World War II while fighting a shipboard fire. The burns were so severe, the arm was amputated.

Raisch who was a Marine Corps veteran and a regular movie stand-in for actor Burt Lancaster,  died in 1984 at the age of 79.

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