ER (6)

ER/NBC/1994-2009 (Severed Arm)

(Paul McCrane) Dr. Robert Romano, an obnoxious head ER surgeon working at Cook County Hospital in Chicago.


On episode “Chaos Theory” (a.k.a.”Unknown Origin”) – first aired September 26, 2002 – Dr. Romano backed into the spinning tail rotor blade of a rescue helicopter on the rooftop of County General while arguing with fellow doctor Luka Kovac (Goron Visnijc).

His severed arm was surgically reattached by Dr. Anspaugh  (John Aylward) and a lengthy regime of physical therapy ensued. Unfortunately, the severing of his nerves affected his dexterity in the operating room and Romano soon realized his days as a surgeon were numbered.

In 2003, Romano died just as he exited the hospital to get some fresh air after a panic attack over seeing a helicopter on the roof of the hospital. Ironically, the helicopter experienced trouble, fell to the street and crushed Romano to death.

Actor Paul McCrane who is nothing like his character described Dr. Romano as “Gleefully malicious” and asserted “You can’t just hate him; well, you CAN really hate him, but there’s something that’s sort of attractive in how much you want to strangle the guy.”

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