ER (5)

ER/NBC/1994+ (Injured Hip)

(Laura Innes/costar) Dr. Kerry Weaver, a physically challenged emergency room attending physician working at Chicago’s County General Hospital who used a cane and dragged her left foot.Her condition was later revealed to be Congenital Hip Dysplasia.


Being adopted, Kerry always wondered if she was given away as a newborn because she was “not” perfect. However, when Kerry finally met her birth mother as an adult, she learned that her mother was just young and unable to give the child a proper home. Her birth mother didn’t even know that the baby had a birth defect until Kerry told her.

Note: Innes drew inspiration for her role from her sister Kathy Innes, a budget director for the health department of Multnomah County, Oregon, who was left without the use of her left arm as a result of polio contracted at the age of five.

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