BROTHERS/FOX/2009 (Wheelchair)

“Chill” Trainor (Daryl Mitchell), an African American owner of a sports-themed restaurant who is confined to a wheel chair after getting hit by a drunk driver.


He shares his parent’s Houston home with his brother, Mike  (Michael Strahan), a  retired NFL pro-ball player whose business manager ran off with all of his money.

“Chill” blames his brother for his accident because Mike never arrived to pick him up one night and soon after he was crippled by an an inebriated driver. Resentful, “Chill” refuses aid from his brother whose notoriety as a sports star could help his brother’s struggling restaurant. But, in the end, the brothers still care about each other.

Caught in the middle of all the tension are Mike and Chill’s parents, Coach (Carl Weathers), a opinionated high school football coach and Adele (CCH Pounder), the boy’s scheming mother.

See also: ED and NCIS: NEW ORLEANS


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