BEWITCHED/ABC/1964-72 (Injured Back/Spine)

(Dick York/costar) Darrin Stephens, advertising executive with the firm of McMann and Tate who was married to a witch named Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) at 1164 Morning Glory Circle in Westport, Connecticut.

When Dick York was filming They Came to Cordura with Gary Cooper in 1959, he was required to lift a railroad handcar along with several other actors. Unfortunately, when the director yelled “Cut” all the actors but York dropped the handcar and it fell on him, wrenching his spine and tearing his muscles.

The trauma caused by the accident followed him throughout the filming of the BEWITCHED series, forcing him to eventually miss a number of episodes, twelve of which were due to his back ailment. He left the series in 1969.

He spent his later years living in Rockford, Michigan, suffering from a deteriorating spine and emphysema. Although physically incapacitated, he found time to run the Dick York Acting for Life organization that assisted the homeless.

He died on February 21, 1992, at the age of sixty-three.

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