ANGEL/WB/1999-2004 (Injured Hand)

Lindsey McDonald (Christian Kane), an evil lawyer with a missing right hand who works for the law firm of Wolfram & Hart in Los Angeles, California. Their clientele consist of vampires, demons and other hellish creatures.


On episode No.22 “To Shansu from L.A.” (5/22/2000) Lindsey prepared to raise the soul of a vanquished vampire from the dead. But a good vampire named Angel (David Boreanaz) disrupts the ceremony and slices off Lindsay’s right hand when he attempts to burn an ancient ritual scroll known as the Scrolls of Obearsain.

Consequently, Lindsey wore a rubber prosthetic hand and generally keeps his right arm dangling by his side.

On episode No.40 “Dead End” (4/24/2001) Lindsey got a new hand that seemed to have a mind of its own. He soon after quit the firm and hit the road.

Lindsey was finally killed by Lorne the Demon, who was instructed to kill Lindsey by Angel the Vampire.


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