World of Giants

WORLD OF GIANTS (WOG)/SYN/1959 (Miniaturized Spy)

Mel Hunter (Marshall Thompson), an undercover agent who had been scientifically reduced to the height of six-inches.


With the aid of his full-size partner, Bill Winters (Arthur Franz) they infiltrated and busted crime organizations.

“You are about to see one of the most closely guarded secrets and one of the most fantastic series of events ever recorded in the annals of counterespionage. This is my story, the story of Mel Hunter, who lives in your world…a WORLD OF GIANTS.”

Mel usually traveled in Bill Winters’ briefcase. The interior was equipped with a plush chair with seatbelt and a trap door. Sometimes Mel would exit the briefcase and take pictures of secret plans and then slip back unnoticed to his tiny living quarters. If his partner, Bill got captured, Mel left the briefcase, cut the ropes securing his partner so both of them could get away from the bad guys.

“Good old Bill. Without him, I didn’t want to think what life would be like without Bill. Even with Bill, I’d never be safe, no matter where I am. Things most people wouldn’t notice could mean death to me.” 

To escape a snarling cat,  Mel pulled the trigger on a fire extinguisher. The cloud of gas scared the cat away, giving him time to climb up a phone cord on the desk above and move a rotary dial to call for assistance.

External Link: World of Giants (Episode) @ You Tube

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