Seinfeld (2)

SEINFELD/NBC/1990-98 (Little Person)

Mickey Abbott (Danny Woodburn), a hot-tempered, bearded, four-foot tall actor and buddy of “hipster dufus” Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards). The stark contrast to Kramer’s towering six-foot plus height and Mickey’s short stature provided a nice sight gag.


When Kramer volunteered to help Mickey with an audition, unfortunatley Cosmo couldn’t sit down because his pants were super tight. Angry because Kramer refused to sit down (as per the audition script), Mickey pummeled him.

The Mickey character was introduced in “The Stand-In,” the episode in which Kramer got a job as a stand-in on the soap opera ALL MY CHILDREN.

In subsequent episodes, Mickey plays a stand-in role for Punky Brewster, a stint as department-store elf, and portrayed a patient with “Bacterial Meningitis” for a group of aspiring medical students (Kramer played “Gonorrhea”).

Mickey wore lifts in his shoes to get that extra height, but he never let his height get in the way of romance with tall women. Mickey dated women that even Kramer wanted.

Mickey parents are normal-sized (played by Robert Wagner and Jill St. John).

Note: Actor Danny Charles Woodburn was born on July 26, 1964 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An advocate for disabled and Little People issues, Woodburn serves on the Performers With Disabilities Committee of the Screen Actors Guild.

His other TV screen credits include TRACY TAKES ON (1996-1997) as Mitch Gibson; CONAN (1997-1998) as Otli the Dwarf; SPECIAL UNIT 2 (2001-2002) as Carl the Gnome; CHARMED (2002-2003) as the Head Dwarf; PASSIONS (2007-2008) as a Demon; CRASH & BURNSTEIN (2012-2014) as Mr. Poulos; BONES (2006/2013-2014) as Alex Radizwill; HAPPISH (2015) as Ernie Keebler; and NICKY, RICKY, DICKY & DAWN (2015) as Gayle.

See also: Conan ; Special Unit 2


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