Saturday Night Live (2)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE/NBC/1976+ (Impaired Memory)

Mr. Short Term Memory (Tom Hanks) , an amiable fellow who can’t remember what he’s talking about from one moment to the next. Mr. STM started a sentence or deed and then started it again, forgetting that he previously just said or did something.

Note: The STM theme was used in the motion picture Memento (2001) about a man named Leonard Shelby (Buy Pearce) who was bent on avenging the rape and murder of his wife. Unfortunately, he has to do all this without benefit of short-term memories, the result of a brain injury sustained in the incident.

He can still recall events before the murder, but anything in the present fades away in mere minutes. He relies on Polaroids, notepad scribbles, and cryptic clues he’s tattooed all over his body to remind him of his current situation.

See also: Saturday Night Live ; Saturday Night Live (3)


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