Once and Again

ONCE AND AGAIN/ABC/1999-2002 (Schizophrenic)

Aaron Brooks (Patrick Dempsey), the “Crazy Brother” of Lily Manning Sammler (Sela Ward), a suburban soccer mom in her forties, who lives in Deerfield, Illinois.


At the age of 18, Aaron wanted to be a clown and was an excellent juggler.At the age of 19, he wanted get married to a girl, but his father protested and dragged him back to Chicago from Florida. That’s when Aaron started to change. Before the illness, Aaron was fearless and passionate.

After being brought home, Aaron’s sister Lily found him in his apartment. There was dried blood all over the place. Aaron had been cutting his skin in despair. He almost died on that occasion. After that he was put in a hospital and has been in the Board and Care ever since.

In 2002, Aaron ran away from the B&C to be with Miriam Rose Miller (Ally Sheedy), a women (the victim of rape, drugs and abuse) with similar mental problems.

In his current condition Aaron gets upset and shouts “I don’t understand!” He likes to asked before anyone sits with him.

Hoping to piece his life back together, Aaron keeps a list of wishes called “Aaron Lists of Dreams.” One of which was to get a job.

His sister Lilly fears that living on his own Aaron will burn down the apartment. But, Lily realized that Aaron will never recover. He will die a sick man but she hopes for a temporary reprieve and supports his relationship with Miriam, whom though disturbed herself, is truly in love with her brother.

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