Fantastic Voyage

FANTASTIC VOYAGE/ABC/1968-70 (Miniaturized Scientists)

C.M.D.F (Combined Miniature Defense Force), a group of scientists who belonged to a secret government project involved in shrinking matter on this Saturday morning cartoon adventure.


The members of C.D.M.F. included: Jonathan Kidd, the mission commander (Ted Knight); Guru, a turbaned mystic (Marvin Miller);  Busby Birdwell, the ship’s pilot and designer (Marvin Miller); Professor Carter (Ted Knight); and Erica Stone, the team’s physician (Jane Webb).

Headquarters: C.M.D.F. (Combined Miniature Defense Force)
Project: Fantastic Voyage
Process: Miniaturization
Authority: Top Secret, Highest Clearance
Team:  Jonathan Kidd, Commander; Guru, Master of mysterious powers; Erica Lane, Doctor, Biologist; Busby Birdwell, Scientist, Inventor, Builder of the Voyager
Mission: In their miniaturized form to combat the unseen, unsuspected enemies of freedom
Time Limit: 12 hours

The scientists traveled in a submarine called the Voyager that collapsed in size to microscopic levels to fight the enemies of our government and the world.

The Voyager had a bubble canopy on top of the ship to provide a 360 degree view and a forward observation deck to see what was up ahead.

Note: The cartoon TV series was based on the book “Fantastic Voyage” written by Isaac Asimov.  In the movie Fantastic Voyage (1966),a government organization (C.M.D.F. – “Combined Miniature Deterrent Forces”) miniaturized a full-size submarine named the Proteus (USN #U91035. Exp. Oceanographic) to travel through the bloodstream of a Doctor Benes (a scientist injured by assassins) to perform delicate surgery on an inoperable blood-clot in his brain.

Crew of the Proteus included: Stephen Boyd as Grant, Proteus Communications Officer; Arthur Kennedy as Dr. Peter Duval, Surgeon; Raquel Welch as Cora Peterson, Dr. Dr. Duval’s shapely medical assistant; William Redfield as Captain Bill Owens, Proteus Commander; and Donald Pleasence as Dr. Michaels, CMDF Chief of Medical Section.

A similar plot can be found in the sci-fi film Inner Space (1987) starring Dennis Quaid as a test pilot and his ship who were miniaturized and injected into the body of a hypochondriac. (played by Martin Short).

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