Twin Peaks (3)

TWIN PEAKS/ABC/1990-91 (Little Person)

“The Man from Another Place” aka “Dream Dwarf” (Michael J. Anderson),  a supernatural little person who lived in a dream like world surrounded by red curtains. When he spoke, his voice sounded as if it was being played backwards.


TMFAP first appeared in the dream of FBI Special Agent Dale “Coop” Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) on the second episode of the series. Cooper was investigating the murder of a teenager named Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) who lived in the Northwest town of Twin Peaks.

TMFAP originates in an evil place called the Black Lodge, one of two supernatural realms believed to exist by the Native American Indians of the region near an area called Glastonbury Grove. The White Lodge was a place of good. The two realms were connected the “Red Room,” a neutral ground where both sides of the realm could enter and interact.

During Agent Cooper’s visit to the Red Room, the TMFAP gave the FBI information that would lead to the capture of the Laura Palmer’s murderer, namely, BOB, an evil spirit who once stole something from the Dream Dwarf. To be specific, a substance known as gamanbozia, which was the manifestation of human fears and suffering and a popular delicacy for the inhabitants of the Black Lodge.

Eventually Killer BOB uses the garmonbozia he collected from Laura Palmer’s feelings of terror before her death to pay back “The Man from Another Place.” But TMFAP got his revenge when Agent Cooper captures Leland Palmer (Ray Wise), Laura’s father who killed his daughter while under the control of killer BOB.

It is revealed that the TMFAP was the manifestation of a severed arm of Philp Gerard (Al Strobel), a traveling shoe salesman associated with the Black Lodge who was the human manifestation of MIKE, an evil spirit who had tired of being evil and cut Philip’s arm in hopes of ridding himself of his nasty ways. TMFAP had used Philip to track down BOB.

Later, TMFAP tells Cooper, “I Am the Arm, and I sound like this.” He then makes a whooping siren-like noise with his hand and mouth. Eventually, TMFAP touches Philip Gerard and reunites his arm to his body, making MIKE whole again. Meanwhile,  TMFAP consumes his garmonbozia which looks like creamed corn.

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