Twin Peaks (2)

TWIN PEAKS/ABC/1990-91 (missing left eye/eye patch)

Nadine Hurley (Wendy Robie), a 35-year-old, red-haired woman with a black eye patch over her left eye who lives in the strange Northwest town of Twin Peaks, USA. Her maiden name is Butler.


Nadine lost her eye in a hunting accident on her honeymoon due to the negligence of Big Ed Hurley (Everett McGill) , Nadine’s husband has been guilt ridden ever since.

Psychologically unstable, Nadine spends her days in search of riches by inventing and getting a patent for the world’s first completely silent drape-runners.


When she fails to get the patent, Nadine’s self esteem plummets and she attempts suicide by over dosing on pills. She goes into a coma, and when she recovers, she has amnesia and believes she is a teenager back in high school where she promptly joins the wrestling team and makes moves on a teenager named Mike Nelson, who is the Captain of the Wresting Team. He finds Nadine’s romantic overtures creepy.

With Nadine’s set on Mike Nelson, her husband Big Ed romantically pursues Norma Jennings, his high school sweetheart.

In the final episode, Nadine receives a blow to the head which returns her former memories but not any memories after she woke from the coma.

NOTE: In the 2017 sequel of TWIN PEAKS, Nadine forgives Ed and tells him to find Norma and have a life with her. At the time Nadine was carrying a shovel, which she said she was using to shovel all the shit out of her life which included grudges and regrets.

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