In Living Color (2)

IN LIVING COLOR/FOX/1990-94 (Little Person)

(Debbie Lee Carrington) The Tiny Avenger, a dwarfish blonde woman who occasionally assisted Clark Bent (Damon Wayans), a black mail room worker for the Daily Glove newspaper. Clark’s alter ego was Handi-Man, a physically challenged superhero with gnarled hands who fought the likes of Doctor Naughty (Jim Carrey).


The Tiny Avenger in front of Handi-man the superhero

The Tiny Avenger appeared on three episodes of the weekly comedy series.

Note: Standing 3′ 10″ tall, Deborah “Debbie” Lee Carrington was born December 14, 1959 in San Jose, California. She is an actress and stuntwoman. Her TV credits included: Doreen “Mini-Mimi” on four episodes of THE DREW CAREY SHOW (1999-2000); an Ewok in the Star Wars TV Movie Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (1985); and Little Bigfoot on HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS (1987). Her film credits included: Thumbelina, a resident of the planet Mars in the sci-fi film Total Recall (1990); and an Ewok in the Star Wars films Return of the Jedi (1983)  The Ewok Adventure (1984).

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