CHARMINGS/ABC/1987-88 (Little Person)

Luther (Cork Hubbert) , a dwarf who awoke in the 20th century after a spell cast by an evil queen made him sleep a millennium.


The spell transported Luther to modern times Van Oaks, California. Along with Prince Charming, Snow White and the evil stepmother Queen Lillian who had cast the spell which proved so powerful that even she was caught in its wake.

Now, Luther and the other former residents of the Enchanted Forest live in a castle-like house at 427 Van Oakland Boulevard and try adjust to a new world filled with all sorts of strange, technological wonders.

Luther spends his time looking for hot chicks to date, buying cool clothes (Hawaiian shirts) to replace those medieval threads he used to wear, taking care of the house and the two boys, Thomas & Cory Charming.


Queen Lillian still likes to pull mischievous pranks on Luther like giving him a magic coin that will make him look like Prince “Eric” Charming. What he didn’t know was that it also makes Eric look like Luther.

Note: Cork Hubbert stood 4′ 11″ tall. He was born July 3, 1952 in Pendleton, Oregon and  died from diabetes complications in Venice, California on September 28, 2003.

His other screen roles as fantasy characters  included:


  • Brown Tom in Legend (1985)
  • Elf One in The Santa Trap (2002)

TV Series

  • THE TWILIGHT ZONE  – Shawn McGool on “The Leprechaun-Artist” (1986)
  • COACH – Dwarf #7 on “Grimmworld” (1996)
  • UNION SQUARE – Troy the Elf on “Jack Gets a Hot Tip” (1997)
  • ER – Grumpy Elf on “The Miracle Worker” (1998)




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