The Stand

THE STAND/ABC/1994 TV-Miniseries (Deaf-Mute)

Nick Andros (Rob Lowe) , a deaf-mute from Stephen King’s THE STAND, on ABC’s eight-hour miniseries version of his blockbuster novel.


Nick is one of the survivors of a weaponized version of influenza (called Project Blue) accidentally released in California. This super flu killed 99% of the world’s population.

At the time of the outbreak, Nick, a drifter, is traveling through the town of Shoyo, Arkansas. Nick was born in Pennsylvania (Caslin, Nebraska in the novel).

Eventually, Nick’s and other survivors reach Mother Abagail’s farm in Hemingford Home, Nebraska where she (Ruby Dee) tells them a great conflict is imminent, and they must all travel on to Boulder, Colorado to a new community founded on Mother Abagail’s teachings.

Nick is later killed in an explosion, but reappears in dreams where he actually speaks and hears as he counsels Tom Cullen (Bill Fagerbakke) , a mentally challenged survivor of the flu outbreak.

Note: In real life, Rob Lowe is completely deaf in his right ear — from an ear infection when he was five months old.

Lowe commented on his condition, saying, “The thing that really concerns me more than anything is that people think I’m rude because I don’t respond. If I’m at a sporting event, and somebody’s on the right side of me, and they go, ‘Well, how about that basket — And I just…nothing. I know there are people who think I’m the most arrogant son-of-a-bitch, but they don’t know that I just didn’t hear what they said.”

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