Peyton Place

PEYTON PLACE/ABC/1964-69 (Deaf)

Kim Schuster (Kimberly Beck), the deaf six-year-old child of David (William Smithers) and Doris Schuster (Gail Kobe) who relocated to the New England town of Peyton Place during the 1965 season.


Kim Schuster preferred to live in New York City and she resented her parents, especially her mother for taking her away from her comfortable life in the Big Apple. In retaliation  Kim stole things, refused to speak, and on occasion ran away.

One one such occasion, she is found by Allison McKenzie (Mia Farrow) a popular teenager in the town. She bonds with Kim and becomes her babysitter.

The second time Kim ran away, she witnesses a fight between locals, Rodney Harrington (Ryan O’Neal) and Joe Chernak (Don Quine). The next day, Joe was found dead and later Kim testified at the murder trial as to what she saw. After the trial, Doris Schuster returns to New York City with her daughter.

The Shuster family storyline appeared from May 13, 1965 (#69) to March 3, 1966 (#189).




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