The Incredible Hulk

THE INCREDIBLE HULK/CBS/1978-82 (Injured Ear)

*(Lou Ferrigno/costar) Lou Ferrigno, the 275-pound body builder who played the enraged green giant on this fantasy CBS series, suffered an ear infection at the age of three which caused a 65% loss of hearing.


After his parents noticed he didn’t hear sounds (they clapped behind his ears) he began wearing a hearing aid. His deafness created a slight speech impairment which made learning to speak difficult.

A bit of a loner, he eventually took up body building to compensate for his lack of hearing and a lack of self-esteem. His hard work and dedication to body building earned him the titles Mr. Teenage America, Mr. America, Mr. Universe (won twice), and Mr. International.

He also appeared in the body building film Pumping Iron (1974) and the TV movie The Return of the Incredible Hulk (1988).

In the fall of 2000 on the CBS sitcom KING OF QUEENS Lou Ferrigno was cast as himself [the former TV star of TV series THE INCREDIBLE HULK] who moved to the Queens area of New York City to be the recurring next-door neighbor of a parcel delivery man.

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