The District

THE DISTRICT/CBS/2000-2004 (Huntington’s Disease)

Officer Nancy Parras (Elizabeth Marvel), red-haired female police officer assigned to work with the Chief of Police in Washington, DC.


On episode No. 51 “Old Wounds” (aired 11-02-2002) Nancy is back on the beat. While chasing a purse-snatching suspect, she loses her balance and falls off a ladder leading up the side of a building.

After a stint in the hospital and a routine blood test, her doctor discover she has the gene for the incurable neurodegenerative genetic brain disorder called Huntington’s Disease.

Later Nancy confides “I’ve been reading up on Huntingdon’s Disease. It’s a pretty miserable disease. It has no symptoms” (until it’s too late).

Offering support, Police Chief Mannion (Craig T. Nelson) tells her “When the symptoms start, I want you to tell me.” Nancy agrees.

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