Run For Your Life

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE/NBC/1965-68(Leukemia)

Paul Bryan (Ben Gazzara), a lawyer with an incurable disease (Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia). As Paul Bryan put it in the pilot film, “I have one of those afflictions they name after the poor fellow that discovered it.”


According to the program’s opening narration:

Doctor:  I’m deeply sorry, Mr. Bryan.
Bryan:    It’s alright Doctor. I already knew.
Doctor:  You have at least nine months left, perhaps as much as eighteen.
Bryan:   The first doctor gave me from one to two years.
Doctor:  I hope he’s right. What are you going to do?
Bryan:   Well, I have no family. Haven’t take a day off since law school. Guess I’ll try to squeeze thirty years of living into one or two.
Doctor:  It isn’t hopeless, Mr. Bryan. Research is being done and you’ll be in good health until the last few weeks. So always let us know where you are.

Note: The series is based on an April 1965 episode of KRAFT SUSPENSE THEATRE.

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