Malcolm in the Middle

MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE/FOX/2000-2006 (Asthmatic)

Stevie Kenarben (Craig Lamar Traylor),  an asthmatic black youth in a wheelchair who attends a special class for gifted kids (high IQ’s) with friend Malcolm (the show’s featured actor). When Stevie speaks, his breathing is labored and his delivery is slow but clear.


On the “Sleepover” Episode No.11, Stevie invites Malcolm over for a sleepover, and the two sneak out to a late-night games arcade (“You‘d be surprised how hard it is to get a wheelchair through a window”), where Stevie’s wheelchair is stolen (Malcolm ends up pushing Stevie around in a shopping cart).

Gary Anthony Williams and Merrin Dungey appear as Mr. & Mrs. Kenarben, Stevie’s extremely overprotective parents.

In season 5, viewers of the series learn that Stevie has only one lung.

NOTE: Another handicapped person on the program is a military school officer named Commandant Edwin Spangler. He is missing his right hand, has a patch over his left eye and a bum leg.

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