American Gladiators


Siren (Shelley Beattie), a beefy and very beautiful athlete who competed against contestants on the syndicated sports program AMERICAN GLADIATORS from 1993-1996.


Known by her stage name of Siren, (5′ 7″ 150 pounds) Shelley battled weekly challengers in all sorts of physical bouts such as The Joust, Powerball, Human Cannonball, The Wall and The Eliminator.

Guided by hand signals given to her by her coach and fellow Gladiators, Shelley mixed it up with the best athletes in the country proving convincingly that, as Beattie said, “The only thing a hearing-impaired person can’t do is hear.”

Unlike what one would imagine how a deaf person would speak, Siren’s  diction was excellent as she skillfully communicated with interviewers. Not only did she speak well, but Siren used sign language and she was an excellent lip reader.

Her fans showed their affection for their favorite female warrior by routinely waving their arms and stomping their feet.

Note: Shelley’s disability was caused when she accidentally swallowed an overdose of adult aspirin when she was three years old.

Offstage, Shelley sometimes wore hearing aids in both ears to lessen her total deafness. (People Weekly 10/26/92 p. 147-148)

Shelley Beattie appeared on the cover of Deaf Life (Vol 5 #6) as well as in such publications as MuscleMag International, Female Bodybuilding, Iron Man and Women’s Physique World.

Her other screen credits included the films, Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993); Joe Weider’s Ms Olympia XIII (1992 TV Movie); and an episode of the TV series FAMILY MATTERS (1992).

Born in Santa Ana, California on August 24, 1968, Shelley Ann Beattie suffered from manic depression and consequently committed suicide (by hanging herself) in Portland Oregon on February 13, 2008. She died three days later at the age of thirty nine.

See also: External Link – Shelley “Siren” Beattie – American Gladiators @ You Tube


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